One year of existence

We have completed the construction of the Research center a year ago, and we are operational since June 2014. In a year we have received 14 students from different part of the world, 5 professors from Botswana, Belgium, South Africa and the United States, and 7 researchers. Each is working in different field of research, ranging from hydrogeology, geochemistry, sedimentology, vegetation mapping, wildlife migration, fresh water shells sampling, human/wildlife conflicts, environmental monitoring, biodiversity conservation.

We are developing a nice relationship with the Chobe Enclave Conservation Trust. We bought a beautiful aluminium boat with a powerful 4 stroke engine all equipped with the latest environmental standards. The solar system has been independently working for 382 consecutive days, providing us all our electricity needs. We had no technical problems, no accident nor injuries to report. Lions, elephants, leopards, zebras have been spotted around the center. We are regularly welcoming seminars and workshops from the Okavango Research Institute. We have collaborative field work projects with Wildlife Act and the Round River Foundation.

We wanted to thanks those who have help us put together this wonderful toll for science, research and preservation: The Department of Wildlife and National Parks, ORI, the University of Lausanne, Nature Zone and our employees. Thank you for your trust, confidence, professionalism and motivation along this first year.