Three good news

We are very proud to inform researchers that the Van Thuyne Ridge Research center has signed a partnership with the Botswana International University of Science and Technology ( rendering possible fruitful developments for both entities and creating a wide array of research opportunities. Researchers now from BIUST can come on a weekly base to use the center in the Chobe Enclave. A PhD student from BIUST will start from January 2019 to work from the University of Lausanne on neo-tectonic activities in the Chobe Enclave area.


An important Swiss National Fund grant was given to the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST) of the University of Lausanne. This grant will be used to enroll a PhD student working on the sedimentology processes of the Chobe Enclave in the aim of reconstructing paleo-environments and paleo-climates in this region. It will also be used for laboratory work taking place at IDYST, BIUST and at the VTR research center as well as for field research in Botswana.


Last but not least, after two year of trial and mishaps, our Luft-Sensorscope weather station is now fully operational. It is based at the VTR center and is accessible from all over the world for anyone interested. A great deal of data can be collected, stored and displayed using the efficient and user-friendly platform of Sensorcope. Added to that we now have a dust collector in place during the dry season and a water collector for the rainy season. To access the weather station data:

Go to:

The ID station : 1809

Login: vtrjohn

Password: JVTmeteo

Or go directly to: