There is two different ways to choose your research topic at the Van Thuyne Ridge Research Center. One is to come with your own study in mind. In this case once we have approved your application form you send us a brief summary of what you want to study or explore in the area, this will enable us to validate it and to provide you the right research permits and give you some input on what kind of research has already been undertaken in this field linked or related to your subject of interest.

Secondly you can see in the section "Proposed scientific topics" different types of research which have been identified by the Okavango Research Institute, the University of Botswana, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, the faculty of Geosciences at Wits university and the University of Lausanne who came to do a survey of the area in order to pinpoint the field of investigation which could be appropriate and interesting to research on. These themes are part of different subjects waiting to be studied or part of studies previously started and expected to be continued. In this case we leave you the leisure of checking out the different options and come back to us wih questions in order to fine tune your wish and interest. When your choice is made we can put you in contact with the relevant persons to contact to get more input, provide you with the selected litterature, get the relevant research permit.




There is a laboratory with some material focusing on geology: instruments to do solid-liquid analysis and organic-inorganic analysis, a ion exchanger, two ovens, a heating balloon, four microscopes, some weighting machines etc... 

And another laboratory with some material focusing on biology: instruments to study terrestrial and aquatic plants and insects, material for entomology and herpetology, a climatized rooms,  some freezers, a conductimeter, a piezometer, a plant press, a herbarium etc...

Inside both labs there is 6 PC and Mac computers, some printers, a scanner and many different software.( please advice for any specific informatics needs)

In plus of all this we have a weather stations which was provided by the EPFL, a satellite dish, a Wifi systems covering all the Research Center area.