Linyanti fault system
Southern African Rift opening
Precambrian rocks and sediments
Tectonic displacement






Provenancing of silcrete raw materials indicates long-distance transport to Tsodilo Hills, Botswana, during the Middle Stone Age
Journal of Human Evolution

Volume 64, Issue 4April 2013Pages 280-288

David J.Nash, Sheila Coulson, Sigrid Staurset, J.Stewart Ullyott, Mosorwa Babutsi, Laurence Hopkinson, MartinP. Smith


From landform to process: Morphology and formation of lake-bed barchan dunes, Makgadikgadi, Botswana

Volumes 161–1621 August 2012Pages 1-14

Sallie L. Burrough, David S.G. Thomas, Richard M. Bailey, Lauren Davies


Evidence for a permanent lake in Sua Pan (Kalahari, Botswana) during the early centuries of the last millennium indicated by distribution of Baobab trees (Adansonia digitata) on “Kubu Island” 
Quaternary International

Volume 2536 March 2012Pages 67-73

Frank Riedel, Sebastian Erhardt, Chrispen Chauke, Annette Kossler, Elisha Shemang, Pavel Tarasov


Tectonics, orbital forcing, global climate change, and human evolution in Africa: introduction to the African paleoclimate special volume
Journal of Human Evolution

Volume 53, Issue 5November 2007Pages 443-464

Mark A. Maslin, Beth Christensen


Flooding and salt transport in the Okavango Delta, Botswana 

Author(s):Bauer, Peter

Bauer, Peter. Flooding and salt transport in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. key issues for sustainable wetland management by Peter Bauer. (2004).

Documents:Abstract  (31.24KB) 


An African surface weathering profile in the Kalahari of North West Ngamiland, Botswana: processes and products

Authors: McFarlane, M. J.; Eckardt, F. D.; Coetzee, S. H.; Ringrose, S.

Source: Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Volume 54, Number 3, September 2010 , pp. 273-303(31)

Estimating rainfall and water balance over the Okavango River Basin for hydrological applications

Julie Wilk a,*, Dominic Kniveton b, Lotta Andersson c, Russell Layberry b, Martin C. Todd d, Denis Hughes e, Susan Ringrose f, Cornelis Vanderpost 

Journal of Hydrology 2006. Science direct


Multi-decadal oscillations in the hydro-climate of the Okavango River system during the past and under a changing climate

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Late Quaternary lake-level fluctuations in the Mababe Depression: Middle Kalahari palaeolakes and the role of Zambezi inflows

S.L. Burrough a,⁎, D.S.G. Thomas a,b a Oxford University Centre for the Environment School of Geography, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QY, UK

Visiting Professor, Department of Environmental and Geographical Science, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7701, South Africa

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Dynamics of floodplain-island groundwater flow in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

P. Wolskia,*, H.H.G. Savenijeb,c

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