The research center is composed of eight main elements :

A main area covering 200sq meters, with a bar, a kitchen, a loundge, a dining room, a library, a living room and a viewing deck. This area is build only with local material, mainly tatched grass, wooden platfrom, wooden pools, open space and entirely surrounded by rolling canvas to protect it in case of heavy rain or rare dusty wind.

The LAB is a rectangle of 115 sq meter in size. It is built out of  75mm Iso walling and Megaspan roofs. This allow us to work in a perfectly clean and antistatic environment, it is the only construction with air conditioning.

We have a set of 6 bungalows to receive guests. Each unit is 7 meters long, 4 meters wide and two meters high, built on a wooden platform, with Isowalls, one of the 4 meter side is totally openeable, proving a spectacular view and a sense of integration to the surrounding trees and savanna. We wanted to be able to provide our scientific guest with an accomodation where they would feel at ease to work long hours in a clean, safe and fresh context, but at the same time where they would be really connected to the outside as they are going to stay there for long periods of time. These bungalows have been conceived in this dual manner to serve these two main needs. Each unit can accommodate one or two or three individual, inside one will find an inside and outside shower, a toilet, a bed,  a working table, a cupboard and a place to store books, files etc.. Their is enough electrical plugs for computers, printers, mobile phones etc…we provide adaptors.

There is a staff village for six employees ( two cooks, two cleaners, one camp manager, one work man), a camp site with electricity, water showers and toilets, a technical area composed with the solar panels units, the generator, the water tank, a covered area for car repairs and maintenance, the satelite dish and the wheather station.

The total surface is approx. 880sq meters. 100% of the electrical energy is provided by solar panels, we do have a back up generator in case of lack of sun or photovoltaic failure. The water is coming from  a 28m deep borehole, it is perfectly clean and filtered. 

We serve breakfast, snacks or light meals and dinner. Water, coffee, tea and fruit juice are provided all day, soft drinks and alcohol are available upon request.

There is a 24h Wifi connections provided by a satellite dish, each scientist can reserve a guide, a plane, a boat or one of our two 4x4 vehicules for his fieldwork. A local daily bus can bring him to the main town which is two hours aways. There is a mobile connection on the site itself.

There is a maximum capacity of 12 scientist working at the same time. Check the availability and the requirements to come.

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